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Steel Sectors: Aerospace

Aerospace Steel

Aerospace requires our specialist range of nitriding steels suitable for environments requiring higher tensile and yield strength. By combining good ductility, resistance to corrosion and high temperature oxidation these grades are perfect for this type of manufacturing application.

All steels made for the aerospace industry should not just follow the highest possible requirements of high quality. However also have the best chemical and physical buildings to withstand a rigorous setting.

These aerospace materials ought to basically be light-weight, solid and resistant to rust. The steels that ideal present these top qualities. This makes them the leading option for aerospace use.

Steel grades suitable for the aerospace industry include EN26.

Typical applications


Aerospace steel applications

In aerospace applications, materials for every application are chosen on the basis of their resistance. This is to deterioration or heat oxidation and mechanical properties in a specific solution setting.

For applications where rust resistance is of key relevance, austenitic stainless-steel grade 1.4301 (AISI 304.) Its by-products are appropriate for moderate atmospheres. These are less than 200 ppm chloride (eg cabin parts, internal gas storage tanks, etc).

These qualities are suitable for temperature levels as much as 1150 °. Alloys utilized in aerospace applications must withstand exposure to extreme temperature levels. They must also fulfil high mechanical demands.

Type 321 stainless steel

Type 321 stainless steel, an austenitic alloy, is maintained with titanium, making it immune to intergranular strike. This can be caused by chromium carbide precipitation.

When revealed to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range (800 to 1500 ° F). Type 321 stainless steel preserves its security. As a result, alloy 321 is utilised throughout the aerospace industry. It is used in such elements as jet engine components, exhaust air ducts, flanges and piston engine exhaust manifolds.

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