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Steel stock: BLACK FLAT BAR

Welcome to High Peak Steel online steel stock ordering system. Use the below matrix to view and select available black flat steel grades and sizes.

Black flat steel bar

Choose your size and grade here, then submit your black flat steel stock enquiry. Our sales team will be in touch shortly to confirm price and availability.

23mm x 10mm
25.4mm x 4.76mm
25.4mm x 6.35mm
26mm x 10mm
26mm x 13mm
30mm x 25mm
32mm x 6mm
32mm x 10mm
32mm x 13mm
35mm x 25mm
35mm x 30mm
38.1mm x 6.35mm
38.1mm x 9.54mm
38.1mm x 12.7mm
40mm x 10mm
40mm x 20mm
40mm x 25mm
40mm x 30mm
44.5mm x 6.35mm
45mm x 25mm
45mm x 30mm
45mm x 40mm
50mm x 25mm
50mm x 30mm
50mm x 40mm
50.8mm x 6.35mm
50.8mm x 9.54mm
50.8mm x 12.7mm
55mm x 25mm
55mm x 30mm
55mm x 40mm
55mm x 50mm
60mm x 25mm
60mm x 30mm
60mm x 40mm
60mm x 50mm
63.5mm x 5mm
65mm x 25mm
65mm x 30mm
65mm x 40mm
65mm x 50mm
65mm x 60mm
70mm x 25mm
70mm x 30mm
70mm x 40mm
70mm x 50mm
70mm x 60mm
75mm x 10mm
75mm x 20mm
75mm x 25mm
75mm x 30mm
75mm x 40mm
75mm x 50mm
75mm x 60mm
75mm x 70mm
76mm x 12mm
76.2mm x 6.35mm
80mm x 25mm
80mm x 30mm
80mm x 40mm
80mm x 50mm
80mm x 60mm
80mm x 70mm
85mm x 25mm
85mm x 30mm
85mm x 40mm
85mm x 50mm
85mm x 60mm
85mm x 70mm
85mm x 80mm
90mm x 11mm
90mm x 25mm
90mm x 30mm
90mm x 40mm
90mm x 50mm
90mm x 60mm
90mm x 70mm
90mm x 80mm
95mm x 25mm
95mm x 30mm
95mm x 40mm
95mm x 50mm
95mm x 60mm
95mm x 70mm
95mm x 80mm
95mm x 90mm
100mm x 10mm
100mm x 12mm
100mm x 14mm
100mm x 20mm
100mm x 25mm
100mm x 30mm
100mm x 40mm
100mm x 50mm
100mm x 60mm
100mm x 70mm
100mm x 80mm
100mm x 90mm
110mm x 25mm
110mm x 30mm
110mm x 40mm
110mm x 50mm
110mm x 60mm
110mm x 70mm
110mm x 80mm
110mm x 90mm
110mm x 100mm
120mm x 12mm
120mm x 25mm
120mm x 30mm
120mm x 40mm
120mm x 50mm
120mm x 60mm
120mm x 70mm
120mm x 80mm
120mm x 90mm
120mm x 100mm
120mm x 110mm
125mm x 25mm
125mm x 30mm
125mm x 40mm
125mm x 50mm
125mm x 60mm
125mm x 70mm
125mm x 80mm
125mm x 90mm
125mm x 100mm
125mm x 110mm
125mm x 120mm
130mm x 25mm
130mm x 30mm
130mm x 40mm
130mm x 50mm
130mm x 60mm
130mm x 70mm
130mm x 80mm
130mm x 90mm
130mm x 100mm
130mm x 110mm
130mm x 120mm
140mm x 25mm
140mm x 30mm
140mm x 40mm
140mm x 50mm
140mm x 60mm
140mm x 70mm
140mm x 80mm
140mm x 90mm
140mm x 100mm
140mm x 110mm
140mm x 120mm
140mm x 130mm
150mm x 25mm
150mm x 30mm
150mm x 40mm
150mm x 50mm
150mm x 60mm
150mm x 70mm
150mm x 80mm
150mm x 90mm
150mm x 100mm
150mm x 110mm
150mm x 120mm
150mm x 130mm
150mm x 140mm
160mm x 25mm
160mm x 30mm
160mm x 40mm
160mm x 50mm
160mm x 60mm
160mm x 70mm
160mm x 80mm
160mm x 90mm
160mm x 100mm
160mm x 110mm
160mm x 120mm
160mm x 130mm
160mm x 140mm
160mm x 150mm
170mm x 25mm
170mm x 30mm
170mm x 40mm
170mm x 50mm
170mm x 60mm
170mm x 70mm
170mm x 80mm
170mm x 90mm
170mm x 100mm
170mm x 110mm
170mm x 120mm
170mm x 130mm
170mm x 140mm
170mm x 150mm
170mm x 160mm
180mm x 25mm
180mm x 30mm
180mm x 40mm
180mm x 50mm
180mm x 60mm
180mm x 70mm
180mm x 80mm
180mm x 90mm
180mm x 100mm
180mm x 110mm
180mm x 120mm
180mm x 130mm
180mm x 140mm
180mm x 150mm
180mm x 160mm
180mm x 170mm
190mm x 25mm
190mm x 30mm
190mm x 40mm
190mm x 50mm
190mm x 60mm
190mm x 70mm
190mm x 80mm
190mm x 90mm
190mm x 100mm
190mm x 110mm
190mm x 120mm
190mm x 130mm
190mm x 140mm
190mm x 150mm
190mm x 160mm
190mm x 170mm
190mm x 180mm
200mm x 25mm
200mm x 30mm
200mm x 40mm
200mm x 50mm
200mm x 60mm
200mm x 70mm
200mm x 80mm
200mm x 90mm
200mm x 100mm
200mm x 110mm
200mm x 120mm
200mm x 130mm
200mm x 140mm
200mm x 150mm
200mm x 160mm
200mm x 170mm
200mm x 180mm
200mm x 190mm
220mm x 25mm
220mm x 30mm
220mm x 40mm
220mm x 50mm
220mm x 60mm
220mm x 70mm
220mm x 80mm
220mm x 90mm
220mm x 100mm
220mm x 110mm
220mm x 120mm
220mm x 130mm
220mm x 140mm
220mm x 150mm
220mm x 160mm
220mm x 170mm
220mm x 180mm
220mm x 190mm
230mm x 25mm
230mm x 30mm
230mm x 40mm
230mm x 50mm
230mm x 60mm
230mm x 70mm
230mm x 80mm
230mm x 90mm
230mm x 100mm
230mm x 110mm
230mm x 120mm
230mm x 130mm
230mm x 140mm
230mm x 150mm
230mm x 160mm
230mm x 170mm
230mm x 180mm
230mm x 190mm
240mm x 25mm
240mm x 30mm
240mm x 40mm
240mm x 50mm
240mm x 60mm
240mm x 70mm
240mm x 80mm
240mm x 90mm
240mm x 100mm
240mm x 110mm
240mm x 120mm
240mm x 130mm
240mm x 140mm
240mm x 150mm
240mm x 160mm
240mm x 170mm
240mm x 180mm
240mm x 190mm
260mm x 25mm
260mm x 30mm
260mm x 40mm
260mm x 50mm
260mm x 60mm
260mm x 70mm
260mm x 80mm
260mm x 90mm
260mm x 100mm
260mm x 110mm
260mm x 120mm
260mm x 130mm
260mm x 140mm
260mm x 150mm
260mm x 160mm
260mm x 170mm
260mm x 180mm
260mm x 190mm
270mm x 25mm
270mm x 30mm
270mm x 40mm
270mm x 50mm
270mm x 60mm
270mm x 70mm
270mm x 80mm
270mm x 90mm
270mm x 100mm
270mm x 110mm
270mm x 120mm
270mm x 130mm
270mm x 140mm
270mm x 150mm
270mm x 160mm
270mm x 170mm
270mm x 180mm
270mm x 190mm
280mm x 25mm
280mm x 30mm
280mm x 40mm
280mm x 50mm
280mm x 60mm
280mm x 70mm
280mm x 80mm
280mm x 90mm
280mm x 100mm
280mm x 110mm
280mm x 120mm
280mm x 130mm
280mm x 140mm
280mm x 150mm
280mm x 160mm
280mm x 170mm
280mm x 180mm
280mm x 190mm
290mm x 25mm
290mm x 30mm
290mm x 40mm
290mm x 50mm
290mm x 60mm
290mm x 70mm
290mm x 80mm
290mm x 90mm
290mm x 100mm
290mm x 110mm
290mm x 120mm
290mm x 130mm
290mm x 140mm
290mm x 150mm
290mm x 160mm
290mm x 170mm
290mm x 180mm
290mm x 190mm
300mm x 25mm
300mm x 30mm
300mm x 40mm
300mm x 50mm
300mm x 60mm
300mm x 70mm
300mm x 80mm
300mm x 90mm
300mm x 100mm
300mm x 110mm
300mm x 120mm
300mm x 130mm
300mm x 140mm
300mm x 150mm
300mm x 160mm
300mm x 170mm
300mm x 180mm
300mm x 190mm
310mm x 25mm
310mm x 30mm
310mm x 40mm
310mm x 50mm
310mm x 60mm
310mm x 70mm
310mm x 80mm
310mm x 90mm
310mm x 100mm
310mm x 110mm
310mm x 120mm
310mm x 130mm
310mm x 140mm
310mm x 150mm
310mm x 160mm
310mm x 170mm
310mm x 180mm
310mm x 190mm
320mm x 25mm
320mm x 30mm
320mm x 40mm
320mm x 50mm
320mm x 60mm
320mm x 70mm
320mm x 80mm
320mm x 90mm
320mm x 100mm
320mm x 110mm
320mm x 120mm
320mm x 130mm
320mm x 140mm
320mm x 150mm
320mm x 160mm
320mm x 170mm
320mm x 180mm
320mm x 190mm


Not found the steel size or grade you’re looking for? Please call our sales team on 01457 866911 or email [email protected].