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Steel Sectors: Agriculture


We offer a range of bright steels. These are ideal for use in farming, which are rust resistant and offer outstanding cleanability. The absence of rough surface areas is essential together with being extremely immune against shock and abrasion.

To check out the use of high toughness and ultra high stamina steels in agricultural applications a study was conducted. The objective was to quantify whether lightweight building strategies could be put on farming equipment. This allows them to boost their environmental and price efficiency.

Steel grades suitable for the agriculture industry include EN39B.

Typical applications


Spraying equipment

Crop protection sprayers are characterised by long booms which reach deep into plants. These booms can be lightened and more powerful using  high strength steel qualities.

Soil working equipment

Modern farmers are frequently seeking ways to enhance efficiency. Among the methods they achieve this is by functioning larger locations in one pass. This needs extra effective tractors and soil-working equipment with a bigger period. Nevertheless, this raises the tension on soil-working devices such as ploughs, harrows and seed drills.

To reduce the stress on the devices, the frame of the device can be enhanced utilizing thicker sections or made with high toughness steels (HSS).

Gathering & mulching machinery

Gathering and mulching equipment consists of wear-resistant parts. These need to stand up to contact with branches, sand and rocks.  Furthermore, these housings of such equipment could be quickly damaged by foreign items if they were made with conventional steel grades.

We offer a range of items available which can meet the design demands of harvesting and mulching tools.

Agricultural trailers

Raising the optimum payload of agricultural devices is a crucial purpose for several farmers. With a bigger payload, loading and unloading procedures are lowered, extra items can be carried and cost is reduced.

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