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High Peak Steels – a year in review

By 16th January 2019April 27th, 2022High Peak Steels News

So what did we get up to in 2018? It was a year of growth and change, all focused on giving you, the customer, the very best in service, products and delivery. Our investments in 2018 have taken time to work through but we really hope you are now feeling the benefits from our commitment to growth and progress and will continue to do so throughout 2019.

Here is how we have managed the changes during 2018 and where the focus has been:


Opening up new service areas offering much improved service levels, introducing new products like EN39B and EN40B to compliment our range of hard wearing, case hardening steels, selling additional products to our existing customers, offering you more of a one-stop-shop. We also recruited a Sales Development Manager with over 30 years experience to strengthen our sales team.

Delivery & Warehouse

We increased capacity by developing new warehousing routes and expanded our stocking levels at the ports, which gives us quicker availability as required. To get more stock to you more quickly, we purchased an additional 18T vehicle.


Developing new saw blade technology with our saw and blade suppliers gives improved cutting times, which has improved our lead times on large diameter bars by 66%.


Hopefully you think we’re better at keeping in touch. We’ve increased our social media exposure, opened up new advertising channels by supporting major sporting events, signed our new mascot OTIF and are committed to finding the most interesting ways to keep in touch with you about the things that really matter.


Investments have included wagons and warehousing. We also have a new CRM programme to improve our communication channels and offer the best all round service to existing and potential customers.

As always, we welcome your feedback about how these changes have impacted your business and what would be beneficial for you in 2019. After a year of growth we are not standing still so keep in touch and let’s make 2019 successful and exciting.

Call today on 01457 866911 or email [email protected] for all your steel needs.