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Engineering Steel for 2023

By 16th January 2023January 30th, 2023High Peak Steels News

With news of Liberty Steel's Rotherham plant being mothballed, you might wonder where all your steel will come from this year

There is no doubt layoffs on this scale is a huge blow to the 400 employees and our heart goes out to them and Alun Davies who has worked tirelessly with their members to help deliver Liberty Steels business plan.

Where the UK Government intends to support is uncertain. The Labour MP, Sarah Champion comments that “There are simple steps the government could have taken to prevent this; buy British steel for government projects” seems a simple and logical step.

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Should we safeguard British made steel?

We cannot help but ask if it is indeed time for the UK Government to help Liberty Steel, a potential upside for the UK taxpayer. When the .Gov bailed Royal Bank of Scotland out for an eye watering £45.5bn, it secured 62% ownership. We need to secure UK engineering steel production, we need to safeguard jobs. Whilst some have questions over Sanjeev Gupta’s flamboyant lifestyle, at a time when his business is in peril, it remains a fact we need to create continuity for British steel production.

There is precedent for this… in August 2021 Sheffield Forgemasters was acquired by the MOD as a way to protect production, jobs and essential service to UK PLC.

High Peak Steels is of course one tiny piece in this huge challenge that faces not just the UK but the world at large. However, we know that taking no action is no solution, so here’s a quick reminder of how High Peak Steels plan to support our customers in 2023 and beyond.

Plans in place

First and foremost – Engineering Steel stock. Without it we don’t have a business and our customers have nothing with which to make products. So, over the past 24 months we have expanded our stockholding. With increased investment in racking at our Glossop Head office, this provides customers with almost 30% more material available, in stock, ready to cut and deliver. Despite this increase OTIF (on time in full) deliveries remain at over 98%. In part due to adding another saw and additional vehicles to our fleet, with a wagon for more weekly deliveries and a pickup for ‘quick response’ requirements.

Next, we have purchased additional stock which we store at Liverpool and Immingham docks. Some of this is ready for immediate transportation to process and others remain as bonded stock due to the issues around quotas. You may recall we lobbied our local MP, Mr Robert Largan over this back in December.

As many of our customers know, we are focused on three things: service, service and service. This will continue in 2023. We can assure customers we have steel stock available and will continue tirelessly to keep supply chains open.

To see how you can ensure the stock you need is available call our sales team on 01457 866911.

For hints and tips on making sure we’ve the specific stock you need, when you need it, here’s a reminder of how.

How to make sure the stock you need is available...

  • Secure your steel and prices now; to avoid any potential increases on popular sizes
  • Plan or forward order
  • Get in touch to see how we can help plan to safeguard supply and pricing where possible

Call our sales team on 01457 866911.