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Foooore Wright

By 12th August 2020January 24th, 2024High Peak Steels News

Liam Wright – a day in the life of…

Or Liam Wright as most of you know our sales manager by, but did you know that Liam has always been a keen sportsman, playing in nets for Hyde United FC and captaining Mottram cricket club for many years. But during lockdown he has swapped the 22 yards of the cricket field for the wide-open space of Dukinfield golf course.

Now Righty Slicey Wrighty (aka Bryson De Hato) as he is now known tells me he is hitting the woods just great, but he is having a terrible time getting out of them. No golfer likes the works “its still your shot” but Liam is quickly learning that playing golf is like the adult version of the Easter egg hunt.

Liam tells me it takes balls to play the way he does, and he will never be caught wearing two pairs of pants whilst golfing because there is no way he will get a hole in one of them.




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