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By 26th June 2020April 27th, 2022High Peak Steels News
Josh Thornley – a day in the life of…

Josh started building a herd 8 years ago with the intention of supplying local farm shops and garden centres, with locally produced grassed finished beef, which was of an exceptional high quality with no artificial supplements.

Just like the service you get from HPS, “Now’t artificial and on time, PRIME delivery service with No BULL and in full”

The focus was to be on native pedigree beef shorthorn, why? They have a great mothering ability and are easy to calf, as well as producing a marble meat which equals supreme quality beef.

Josh has slowly built his herd number to 35 including this years calves. Each year we take a letter from the alphabet and name all the calves accordingly. This year is the letter ‘E’ so we have ‘Elsie, Edgar, and an Excalibur’ to name but a few.


HPS are moving up a gear with increased supply of EN39B. A high grade alloy steel with a shock resistant casing and core strength used in specialist F1 crank shafts.

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