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Royals aid UK steel to grow by 800%

By 4th May 2023May 1st, 2024High Peak Steels News

When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, global crude steel production stood at 212 million tonnes. By the end of her reign, in 2022, it had climbed to 1.9 billion tonnes – a dramatic increase of 800 percent.

Through the decades, both the Queen and the then Prince of Wales, this weekend to be crowned King, have committed significant time to extol the benefits and visit many in the UK steel industry. This alliance between the Crown and Industry is a significant support to the way our UK steel sector has prospered. When faced with often cheaper, poorer quality imports this visible support of UK steel by the Royal Family is welcome.

Back in 2018 Prince Charles visited the Rotherham and Stocksbridge plant to offer support for the restart of the 800,000-tonne-a-year electric arc furnace, securing 300 jobs for the area.

High Peak Steels look forward to seeing how our new King views the needs of steel supply for the UK, the jobs this creates and the essential green steel our world needs to reduce the pressure on climate change. Whilst he may be less vocal as King, we welcome his visits to our sector in the years to come.

Photo of King Charles III

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